Steps to Starting Your Own Fireworks Business  


1. Location is essential.

Locate your firework retail tent, stand or store somewhere that allows easy access to drivers and pedestrians and that provides ample parking.  



2. Be informed legally.

Research your state and local laws regarding fireworks sales and use. You can find information on state laws at the American Pyrotechnics Association website. In order to purchase wholesale fireworks for your business, you’ll also need to have an Employer Identification Number and state and local permits.


3. Analyze your startup costs.

In addition to money required to purchase firework inventory, you'll need a retail space to sell from, point-of-sale equipment, insurance, storage and money to pay your employees. Other costs may be experienced along the way, too.



4. Know your product.

Using Jake’s Sales Book and attending a fireworks demo are the best ways to learn about the products you'll be selling to the public. 


5. Use Jake's expertise to become an expert, too.

Jake's Fireworks has nearly 80 years experience in the industry and is the largest U.S. importer of fireworks, making us an industry leader. As a result, we know what works and can advise you on various aspects of your business.

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